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The Secret (Ebook)

The Secret (Ebook)

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Let Me Be Your Dirty Little Secret Mr. Big Hands Negotiator…

I always go for the guys I know I can play with…it’s easier than dealing with my past.

Collin Corwin, a sports agent who doesn’t compromise—and always gets the better end of the deal, is the type of guy I should stay away from.

But the fiery, undeniable attraction, has me doing something I never do.

I chase after him.

There’s one problem.

Collin has a rule about dating his client's exes. 

And one of his clients is still head over heels for me.

But I’m not taking no for an answer.

I can be the queen of tease.

And I’ll show him who can negotiate.

But secrets are hard to keep, especially when you have a dark past to contend with.

The Secret-Prologue

Collin Corwin

When I opened the newspaper, she stole my breath, and my pulse started to creep up.

Silky, bright red, long hair, and the most stunning green eyes I had ever come across, stared back at me. And her face... Her face radiated a happy glow and looked like it should be on the cover of a magazine. 

She was holding Keri James's hand as he pulled her through the sea of paparazzi.

Intrigued, I started to read.

"Keri James’s newest heartthrob, Meg Grail, seems to be a permanent fixture lately in the bad boy's life. Meg Grail is rumored to be Olivia White's right hand, helping to run the super-popular Marketing & PR firm."

She works with Liv? 

Grabbing my phone, I pulled up Liv's website. There she was—Meg Grail, Chief Operating Officer. She smiled confidently, almost like she had a secret, and wouldn't you like to know? 

Yep, tell me your secret. I definitely want to know.

My cock pulsed in my pants. 

I looked back at the newspaper article. Meg was wearing a teeny tiny, green dress that matched her eyes. It was sexy, classy, and barely there. Her full breasts were pushed up, revealing a little bit of her milky white cleavage. I groaned at the thought of her pink nipples surrounded by what surely was soft skin.

She wore stilettos. I wondered what it would be like to fuck her in those stilettos. Then, I imagined all the ways I wanted her to wrap her legs around my body.

I took a deep breath.

What would it be like to be in a room with her? She seemed like she could eat you up and spit you out, and you'd still be smiling. 

My dick started getting harder as I stared at her full, luscious lips.

I wondered what her lips and tongue tasted like?

But she wasn't just sexy as hell. If she worked with Liv, she had to be smart, I thought, as I read her bio.  

My relationship with Liv's firm was new, but I had gotten to know Liv well over the summer because of Tom Marko. She knew her craft, so if Meg was her right hand, there was no way Meg wasn't just as sharp.

The story continued to talk about how Keri was usually a player, and how Meg had seemed to be the one to tame him. 

I rolled my eyes—just my luck. This was the girl he had been talking nonstop about lately. She had to be.

Keri always called her 'his girl' and never said her name before. 

I sighed. Keri James was a huge client. That meant she was off-limits. I had my rule, and I would never break it. 

My rule was: don't sleep with anyone your clients are or have ever dated.

I looked back at the pictures of her. There's no way that Keri James could handle a woman like her. 

I wondered if she was bored with him yet?

I scolded myself. It doesn't matter.

A lot was riding on the table with Keri, and there was no way I could risk jeopardizing that for a woman. 

For the first time in my life, I lied to Liv. It felt awful, but I decided that she would forgive me if she ever found out.

The next morning, I told her that I ran into Collin after work and that he had discussed his issues with Sam Quinto and he thought maybe I could help. And, that he made me promise not to disclose the matter with anyone until Sam agreed to work with us.

Liv tilted her head and peered at me. "So why did you have to go to his house so late?" 

Gary definitely doesn’t have any loyalty to me.

"I didn't know where he lived. My battery ran out, and I had used his phone for a call. I accidentally put it in my purse, and it started ringing. It was Sam, and I realized that I had it," I lied.

Liv looked at me. I couldn't tell if she knew I was lying or not.

"Why didn't you tell me that?" 

"I wasn't supposed to say anything about Sam, and Collin only texted me this morning that Sam is on board and that I could tell you, so…" I shrugged my shoulders. "Sorry, I didn't mean to cause worry."

Liv didn't say anything for a minute. "Well, I'm happy and relieved, you're okay."

I put on my happy face. "Sorry again, but everything is fine. And we have a new major client." I beamed at her and tried to change the subject.

Liv scanned my eyes and nodded. "Sam Quinto is a great account to pick up."

"He is! But to warn you, he's got some Keri issues." I shot her my 'I'm sorry' look.

"Well, won't that be fun?" Liv said sarcastically.

"You know it. Okay, I need to prepare for my first appointment. I'll catch you later." I gave her a wave and left her office.

Massive guilt swept through me for deceiving Liv, but I had promised Collin. I grabbed my phone and texted him what I told Liv.

"Thanks. I know that wasn't easy for you. Appreciate you keeping our secret," Collin replied quickly.

"I always keep my word."

"I'll have to give you an extra treat for that." He sent three wink emojis.

Find out what happens next in The Secret!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This story was so ridiculously good!! Now I’m anxiously awaiting book number 3."-Reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "An excellent follow up with plenty of chemistry between the characters. Highly recommend."-Reviewer


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