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The Gamble (Ebook)

The Gamble (Ebook)

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She’s a world-famous singer with dangerous stalkers. I’m a wealthy businessman with a secret nightlife.

Our attraction electrifies the air between us.

But neither of us do serious.

Sophie hasn’t let herself develop feelings for any man since she was eighteen.

I don’t need the drama of it.

My friends all see me as responsible and laced-up, but I spend my nights frequenting secret underground clubs and high-end parties.

We keep crossing paths, and our one-night encounters--and feelings--begin to add up.

When Sophie starts receiving death threats from stalkers, I jump in to protect her.

And we both have to face past demons and decide if it's worth the gamble to leave our old lives behind and forge a new one together.

The Gamble-Prologue

Sophie Cradle

My hand shook so hard I almost spilled my coffee. There he was, in a press conference, standing next to Tom and Liv Marko. 

He was sexier than I remembered. The scent of amber and rosewood filtered through my senses just thinking about him. 

Liv finished speaking, stepped aside, and he took a step up to the microphone. He wore a perfectly tailored black suit, his black tie was no doubt silk, and his pocket square was expertly placed. The black-rimmed designer glasses fit his face perfectly, and his goatee was trimmed short.

I remembered how soft his facial hair had been, and as his lips moved, I had a flashback to how delicious they’d tasted against mine. 

Phil Laurent—President, Marko Enterprises flashed across the bottom of the screen. 

I turned the volume on.

His deep voice was commanding and confident. “As our clientele has expanded, we have witnessed the needs of our clients grow and are confident this is the right direction for both our clients and for Marko Securities. The new merger of Krastnor Securities has created an international arm, and we are now the largest security firm in the United States and the second-largest in the world. Our current clientele represents business professionals, musicians, Hollywood’s elite, and professional athletes—”

I stopped listening and turned off the volume. 

They bought Krastnor Securities? That was my security firm. 

I closed my eyes. My heart was racing from seeing him, but hearing him speak sent my pulse skyrocketing. I opened my eyes and gazed at him. 

He looks so good. Better than in my dreams. 

It had been two months since I’d slept with Phil Laurent, and I had thought of no one since. The minute I’d laid eyes on him, I wanted him. 

He’d stood in the doorway of my study with his eyes locked on mine, not fussing over me or making a big deal about who I was. No, he played it cool and was interested in me, but didn’t act like a crazy, raving fan. 

He knows how to behave around famous people. 

Most people probably underestimated him, but I knew better. As I suspected, I was right—he was a total animal in the bedroom. 

I peered closer at the TV. My sex throbbed just from watching him. He was so damn sexy, and if he was Tom’s president, then I knew he was beyond smart. But I’d figured that out the first few minutes he spoke.

One night of passion—that was all it took for him to consume my every thought. We stayed up till the sun rose, fucking in multiple positions and with an intensity I couldn’t shake. I finally fell asleep, exhausted, and woke up the next day at three in the afternoon. He was gone. A note lay on the pillow next to me.


Great night. You know 

where to find me. 


Normally I would have been happy that he was gone. But for the first time since I was eighteen—since Eric—a stab of disappointment pierced me. 

He was different from my other sexual escapades. And that was why I needed to stay away.

Phil Laurent was smart, sexy, and—according to Claire—“a really good guy.” Our chemistry was incredible, and he was the total package.

You need to stay away, I reminded myself once again as I stared at the TV screen.

Night after night, I thought about him. I pulled his picture up on the internet and spent hours ogling him. I’d read his bio so many times I had it memorized. I masturbated over him every way I knew how, and I even tried to fuck him out of my system with other men.

Nothing quenched my desire for him.

Yes, I had it bad for Phil Laurent, and knew where to find him. He was Ethan’s friend and Tom Marko’s president.

It took every ounce of discipline I had to stay away from him.

Relationships were not my thing—at least not with men like Phil Laurent. I did relationships with men who would look good on my arm, please me well enough in my bed, and weren’t that whom I couldn't feel anything toward.

I made myself turn the television off. I needed to get Phil Laurent out of my head once and for all.

“You’re okay?”

I laughed. “Phil, I’m okay. I had a great time with you.”


“Yeah. I would go back with you if you wanted.”

He jerked his head back as if shocked. “Really?”

“Yes.” I leaned in and smashed my lips against his, gripping his hair between my fingers. 

His arms wrapped around me, and he slid me onto his lap, but quickly pulled out of our kisses. “Hey, Sophie?”


“We should probably send notice to the bodyguards.”

I started laughing. “They aren’t going to be happy when they find out I ditched them.”

“Maybe we should go back the way we came and meet them out in front of Jack’s, so they don’t know?”

I wondered if this was his way of not taking me back to his place. I quietly looked down and said, “Okay.”

Phil pushed my chin up. “What’s wrong?”

I shook my head. “Nothing.”


I sighed and decided not to tell him the full truth. “It was nice being normal for once. No one knowing who I was.”

Phil gazed into my eyes and slowly nodded. 

He understands. He’s not famous, but he understands. 

Phil grinned at me. “I’ll tell you what, why don’t we exchange phone numbers, and I’ll help you disappear from reality more often?”

Find out what happens next in The Gamble

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Omg this ending to the series was epic. I mean all the Guys in this series were off the charts hot but Phil was the supreme way to close out the series."-Reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I loved this entire series and fell in love with all the character! Just the right amount of steamy, romance and drama!"-Reviewer


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