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Stains of Desire (Ebook)

Stains of Desire (Ebook)

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Stains of Desire

Everything about this mission is a first. 

The hemisphere we’re in. 

The lack of direction from headquarters. 

The stunning redhead I rescue and inappropriate thoughts I can’t keep to myself.

But the filthier my mouth becomes, the more she responds to me. 

Then I learn about her daughter. 

Santiago kidnapped them together, then ripped Millie away and used her as a tool to make Penelope obey him. I vow I will find Millie and deliver her to safety. 

But the clock is ticking. 

And Penelope makes me promise her something I don’t want to. 

If I make good on this promise to her, the window to save her could close.

 I risk losing her forever. 

There is no choice. I have to save them both or die trying.

Stains of Desire-Prologue

Axel Cain

There's a clock ticking. No one can hear it but me. It's in my head. All day long, the farther I am from Penelope, it gets louder and faster.

I promised her I would find her daughter. I pledged to her I would only come back to rescue her when her only child was delivered to safety.

But I can't find Millie.

Every clue leads to a dead end. As soon as I almost have her, it's as if they sense I'm coming and move her.

When I saw Penelope last night, it was only by accident.

It's as if God himself knew I needed to see her. And touch her. And be assured that she was all right.

At least for now.

But they are hurting her. She didn't have to tell me. I saw it on her face. I heard it in her voice. And I felt it as she clung to me.

When I held her, the power of our chemistry hadn't changed. It was as potent as the day we met. My skin sizzled with a humming voltage only she had ever created within me. My body wrapped around hers as if I were ivy, spreading all over a tree, leaving no piece of bark or limb uncovered. And the sweet smell of her skin invaded all my cells. When the darkness flew by, the black turned into a white fog that you could almost see through, and we were forced to part ways.

It was like ripping a scab open.

The hardest thing I've ever done is leave her, knowing she's in danger and one wrong move could get her killed. She's playing a dangerous game. It's a match she didn't choose to partake in, but as long as her daughter is still in their hands, there aren't any other options.

Hours later, her scent still lingers on me. The hunger I feel for her isn't gone. If anything, it's only stronger.

The new promise I made her drives me to move forward. Finding her daughter is still the top priority. And I made a new oath about the hand of justice I'll deliver.

Not only will I find her daughter, but when I return for her, those who hold her child's life over her head will pay. My price doesn't involve money, or power, or material things. Nothing they greedily value will buy their way out of their destiny.

When you hurt the woman I love, a bullet is involved. Kidnapping her child and using it to keep her in distress and fear earns you a special ending on this earth. And I'll make sure every drop of blood and breath of air is out of all their bodies before I take Penelope to safety.

But I know the clock doesn't stop. And the longer Millie is missing, the bigger the hole in my gut grows.

I'm a man who's seen the flames of hell. I've looked plenty of men in the eye who are as evil as Satan himself. The ticking in my head tells me that if ever there was a miracle needed, it's now. And it needs to come fast.

When I wake up, Axel is gone. Heat rises to my cheeks, thinking about how he pulled me on top of him, then flipped me over. Every breath, every touch, every word he spoke electrified me. It's left me hungrier for him. I'm craving to feel the weight of his body on me again. And his kisses...

Oh God.

His kisses were full of possessiveness and greed. He wanted all of me and could have taken any part he wanted. His heat seared into my core, mixing with the ache in my loins. But even in his need, he didn't claim me when he could have. He stained me with his desire, leaving me tainted by his touch. It surprises me, and I'm not sure how I feel about this new longing I have for a man I hardly know.

Oliver and I had passion. We were attracted to each other instantly but dated and fell further into our longing for the other.

Axel is a supercharged turbo race car on the Autobahn going full speed. And he lit me up in a way I didn't know was possible.

He could have had all of me. I wouldn't have said no or stop. He made it clear I could have. And I wanted every inch of his skin and flesh. No matter who was in the room, I didn't care. Embarrassment would have plagued me today when I had to look everyone in the eye, but at that moment, I was desperate for him.

Hours later, the need only burns deeper.

I shouldn't be doing any of this. Millie is out there. I need to figure out where she is. She could be in more trouble now that I'm not with Santiago.

Fear replaces my lust, and guilt pounds into me. My ache for Axel turns into my longing to see and hold Millie.

Find out what happens next in Stains of Desire

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This story has it all well developed characters, hot and steamy moments and well written story line. This book is a fantastic addition to this amazing series of books from this author."-Reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Maggie Cole’s writing in this series is the brilliant and the best I have seen from her. You can tell this series was a labor of love with a lot of research done!"-Reviewer


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