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Relentless Hunter (Audiobook)

Relentless Hunter (Audiobook)

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One moment in time changed the course of our lives...

For over two decades, I vow to find her.I'm locked up.

Full of rage.

Obsessed with remembering every detail about her.

When I get out, I scour the Earth.



I know she's out there.

I can still feel her, my firefly glowing in the dark.

I'll never stop until she's back in my arms.

Relentless Hunter-Prologue

Finn O'Malley

Darcey arches her eyebrows. "Sure you want another?"

The twenty years I spent in prison didn't cause her to stop butting into my business. I've known the woman since we were kids. Our mothers were cousins. My father passed away when I was under the age of five. Darcey never knew her sperm donor. So, to save money and help each other out, our mothers moved in together. She's the closest thing I have to a sister, but she seems to have taken on a nagging role since my mother passed.

Not that I got to say goodbye or even attend her funeral. I was locked up in the pit of Hell and didn't learn about it until my uncle Darragh informed me during the monthly visitation.

I sniff hard and scowl at Darcey, putting all the rage I'm feeling into it.

Unintimidated and giving me her death glare, she grabs the fifth, refills my crystal tumbler with whiskey, and studies me. Her brown eyes pin to mine, turning into golden flames.

Not flinching, I down half the liquid, numb to the burn since I've already drunk too much. I'm pissed off and slowly crumbling. There's nothing I can do about it. It's been a year since I got out of prison. Every lead to find Brenna might as well be ashes scattered in Lake Michigan. The few people who know the truth about what happened to her are all dead. I can't even blame it on anyone else. I murdered them. One of them, Judge Peterson, I killed too soon. My anger and frustration spun out of control with every answer he gave me. I'm pretty sure they were all lies. Unable to stop my wrath, I snapped his neck when I yanked his head backward too hard.

Obrecht ended Jack Christian's life either a moment before or after I stole the judge's last breath. We were both caught up in our personal vendettas, barely able to see straight. Jack was so far gone at that point, there was nothing left for me to get out of him. I spent months interrogating him at the Ivanov garage under Maksim's supervision. Neither Obrecht nor I should have been near Jack until Liam gave us the go-ahead. But neither of us could stay away. We both had our reasons, albeit very different ones. Maksim understood and controlled us from pissing off Liam.

Darcey's opinion on how much I'm drinking isn't helping the black hole I'm going down. She should know by now it only makes me knock it back faster.

If I were an ordinary man, I'd be happier than anyone on Earth. The plan Liam and I concocted in prison to drive Jack's company to the ground worked. The clan has billions, which means I've got more money than I'll ever spend.

But I've never cared much about money. The O'Malleys spent years earning a living off drugs and gambling. So far, Killian was right though. Our windfall only created new problems.

It hasn't been a black-and-white transition out of the illegal activities rooted in our clan. We have men who know only that life. They aren't corporate types and will never be. Plus, they aren't willing to change. Yet, the real struggle is what to do with the territory. Even if we stopped it all tomorrow, it's just inviting another crime family to take control. Unless we have an alliance with them, it's dangerous.

Several months have passed since our bank accounts got fat. I'm more miserable than I've ever been. In prison, I could only obsess about getting out and finding Brenna. Engrained memories of how she felt in my arms or lit me up when she just looked at me haunted me for those twenty, dark years.

Everything is different now. I'm not a prisoner, living in a world of someday, unable to move forward with my search. I'm in the present, and it's much worse. I have my freedom, yet nothing has led to her.

In prison, the lack of knowledge about where she was and what could be happening to her made my skin crawl. Now that I'm free, the agitation intensifies daily, itching every inch of my flesh.

"Drinking isn't going to get her back," Darcey reprimands.

"Fuck this." I rise, down my drink, then slam the glass on the bar.

"Easy," Declan orders.

I spin, ready to lose every ounce of control I have left.

Snow covers his head, shoulders, and coat. He holds his hands out. "Sit down."

"I'm done here." I shove past him, storming through the pub and into the back alley. A wet blanket of snow falls down over me.

"Finn! Stop! I think I know where she is," Declan calls out.

I turn so fast I almost slip, growling, "What are you talking about?"

White flakes thicken in his hair and on his coat. He squints and holds his hand above his eyes. "Simona hacked into Bridget's electronic communications. She's tracked her since we returned from New York. I looked at the messages. I think she's been contacting Brenna."

My mouth turns dry. All the alcohol I drank is suddenly nonexistent. I'm sober as a baby, and every beat my heart takes pounds in my ears. I step closer. "Where is she?"

Declan lowers his voice then glances behind him. The wind whips fiercer, slapping the cold snow against my cheeks, but I barely feel the sting. The vein near his eye twitches. "She's in New York. Bridget's meeting her at an underground club in two days."

"That lying bitch," I seethe. Over Thanksgiving weekend, I grilled Bridget face-to-face. She swore she didn't know where Brenna was and only ran into her once by accident. The next night, I saw Bridget again and interrogated her some more, but she kept to her story. She claimed Brenna wouldn't tell her what was going on and begged her not to tell anyone she saw her, then left within minutes. I snarl, "I'm going to kill her."

Declan's eyes widen. "You don't know her reasoning. Don't do something you'll regret."

His brother, Sean, may have loved Bridget, and she and Brenna might have been close, but I'm past the point of giving anyone mercy. A sarcastic laugh flies out of my mouth and fills the alley. "Don't talk to me about regret. It's all I've known for twenty-one years."

  •  Length: 11 hrs and 4 mins
  • Narrated by: Stephanie Nemeth-Parker & Connor Crais

"What the hell happened?" I ask.

Maksim sniffs hard. He glances at the ceiling.

I grab his shirt. "Don't you dare do this to me. Not now. I've spent a year dealing with your silent treatment. Who the fuck were they?"

He pushes me off him, and his blue orbs turn to ice. "Petrovs."

The blood drains from my face. The Russian mob isn't someone to mess with. My uncle Darragh has always warned us we steer clear and don't create issues with them. I lower my voice. "What happened?"


"Maksim," I growl, sick of his secrecy all the time.

He shakes his head then snarls, "They jumped me."

"Why?" I press further, determined to get an answer.

Something passes in his expression. It scares me, and I'm unsure why. As quick as it arrived, it leaves. He replies, "I assume since I keep turning down their offer to join Zamir."

Zamir runs the Petrov operations in the US. My skin crawls, thinking about Maksim having to deal with these threats. "They coming after your brothers, too?"

His silence tells me everything. It's a dumb question on my part. Of course they are.

I say, "We should tell Darragh. See if he can help."

Maksim grunts then sniffs again. "No. There's no way of avoiding it. I'm Russian. It's a constant battle, and you know this. There's nothing Darragh or anyone can do."


"Drop it!" he growls.

I decide to back off. I don't know what it's like to be in his shoes. But, if this is why he's been aloof this past year, I can't blame him. The Petrovs are not people you want to piss off. And since Maksim's father died, he feels the weight of taking care of his four brothers.

Several moments pass. It's a long shot, I know it is, but I have to find Brenna. I ask, "By any chance, did Kim mention Brenna's last name or where they live?"

Maksim shifts on his feet. "No."

I tug at my hair. "Great."

Maksim walks to the bars and his shoulders slump. I step up next to him and put my hand around the slats. He mumbles, "Always made it a goal not to be behind these."

"Tell me about it."

A guard steps toward the cell and unlocks the door. "Ivanov. O'Malley."

I pat Maksim on the back. "Let's not make a habit of this."

He snorts. "Not on my agenda."

I follow the guard, vowing two things. I'm never stepping foot in another cell again, and I'm going to do whatever it takes to find Brenna.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ " Finn and Brenna were one of the most honest couples of the saga. Their story was the most heart-wrenching of the Mafia War saga. For all that they went through to find their way back to each other, you are cheering them on every step."-Reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I don't think there are adequate words right now to describe how I feel knowing this is the end of the Mafia Wars. But what a way to end it."-Reviewer

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