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My Friend the Billionaire (Audiobook)

My Friend the Billionaire (Audiobook)

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I’m keeping Chase Monroe in the friend zone.

He’s doing everything possible to move me out of it.

He's the living embodiment of the billionaire playboy—richer than God, sexy as sin, and charming as hell.

With a full calendar of friends-with-benefits.

His strict no-relationships policy means I’d be another notch on his bedpost.

Not happening.

But our friendship is hard to keep.

Every innocent touch leads to more cravings we can’t deny.

He claims he just has to show me how good we can be together.

I almost cave until I realize what’s happening.

So I force him to make a choice.

But Chase’s “harmless” past runs deeper than I could ever imagine.

So deep it’s deadly.

My Friend the Billionaire-Prologue

Eight years ago

The catalyst of our choices is often people or situations we wish we could forget. These become moments in life that shape and guide our decisions going forward. Good or bad, the new beliefs we hold because of the past allow us to stay stuck or move forward. And if we’re stuck, we lie to ourselves that we’re in control of our lives because the rules we now follow are on our side. 

But what happens when we create walls so thick no one can get through? When our new truths become toxic, but we don’t realize it? And the protection we create for our hearts is just a mirage?

For three years, I save my money, work doubles, and invest in companies Noah insists I need to. I’m on a tight budget, but I’m putting money aside in a different account—a bucket meant for her.

Finally, I’ve saved enough. I visit the jeweler and help design a ring. I choose a flawless one-carat, princess-cut diamond. That’s what she is to me—my princess.

Several weeks later, the ring is finished, and I return to the jeweler’s.

“She must be a special woman,” he says. 

“She is the most special woman.”

The jeweler chuckles. “Well, she will be crazy not to love this.” He opens the box that is on the glass counter and shows me the finished ring. 

I grab the ring out of the box. “It’s perfect.”

“I wish you many happy years,” the jeweler says. 

“Thank you. I have no doubt we will have them.” I pay the remaining balance and head back to my house. Jennifer is working today. We live together, and I need to hide the ring until Saturday. That’s when I will propose, and I have everything all planned out. 

As I’m approaching my house, I see Matt and Jennifer’s cars in the driveway. Why is Matt here at two in the afternoon? Why is Jennifer not at work?

Matt’s been my friend since grade school. I’ve had two friends who have been through everything with me—Matt and Jamison. I trust them with my life and would die for them. 

I pull into the driveway behind Matt’s car. Putting the ring box in my coat pocket, I go to open the door, but it’s locked. That’s strange. 

Fishing my keys out of my pocket, I quickly unlock the door and expect to see Jennifer and Matt in the living area or the kitchen that opens up to that room, but they aren’t there.

Where are they? The only other room in our house is the bedroom or bathroom. I’m about to call out their names, but something in my gut tells me not to.

Maybe they’re in the backyard? It’s cold out, but anything is possible.

I’m heading toward the back door when I hear it. 

“Oh God.” Jennifer’s voice comes through the door.

“Yeah, baby,” Matt’s voice follows.

The hair on my neck stands up, and, for a brief moment, I stare at the door to the bedroom, paralyzed. Surely I heard that wrong?

“Faster,” Jennifer calls out. 

Anger fills every cell of my body as I open the door and see Matt, naked on top of Jennifer. Her legs are around him, and she’s digging her nails into his back and moaning. 

I don’t say anything. As quickly as I can move, I’m ripping Matt off her. 

“Chase!” Jennifer cries out. 

Surprise fills Matt’s face before I land several punches on him. 

“Chase, stop!” Jennifer screams as I continue to pummel him. 

He recovers and defends himself by punching me back and lands one on my cheek. 

I step back. “Get out of my house.” 

Jennifer stands up, naked, and tries to find her clothes. “Chase—”

“Don’t.” I cut her off. “You both have ten seconds to get out of my house.”

“I live here. You can’t just kick me out. Let’s talk about this,” Jennifer pleads with me.

I sneer. “There is nothing for us to talk about. Get out.”

“Chase—” Matt tries as he grabs his clothes off the floor.

“Don’t you ever talk to me again. Get out.” 

Sadness passes through his eyes, but he walks past me with his clothes in his hands. 

“Please, let’s talk,” she pleads.

I point to the door. “We are done. Out.”

Sadly, she throws on her clothes. “This is your fault. If you hadn’t been working so much, I wouldn’t have felt so lonely.”

Enraged, I yell, “Working so much? I was working to pay for a ring. One that I picked up today.”

Shock registers on her face then she steps closer to me and puts her hand on my arm. “We can get past this.”

I pull my arm free. “It’s over. Get out.”

“Let’s try. We can’t throw away five years.”

I snarl, “You threw it away when you slept with my best friend. Now get out.”

“We can still get married,” she says quickly.

I shake my head in disgust then walk out to the main room. “Both of you better be gone by the time I get back.” I pass Matt, whose face is bloody and swelling, and I’m tempted to beat him again, but I’m afraid I’ll kill him. 

I get into my car and drive off. As the shock and anger wane, grief replaces them. About a mile away, I pull over and park at the back of the grocery store lot. Tears flow out of my eyes so fast, I sob.

At this moment, the wall forms. I create a lie. My new truth seems honest. I tell myself it’s to protect my heart. 

Unfortunately, my new reality is an invisible toxic web, but I can’t see the poison that I weave.

  • Length: 7 hrs and 16 minutes
  • Narrated by: Wen Ross & Kai Kennicott
  • Heading

“Let’s try something.”

I don’t trust what may come out of my mouth. This is the most forward Chase has been with me, and my body is humming against his, wavering from all the conviction I have to not go out of the friend zone with him.

“I’m going to kiss you, and you tell me if you don’t like it.” 

I should tell him no but am not able to get the words out of my mouth. His head moves toward mine, and I don’t pull back. My mouth waters at the thought of his lips, but they hit my neck. I moan as they slowly make their way up and across my jawline. 

Closing my eyes, I forget my reservations and succumb to his spell. His mouth is on the edge of mine when the door opens, and the blaring of the music jolts me back into reality. I quickly jump off his lap.

“Charlotte, what’s wrong?” Tears are streaming down her face. 

“I need to go.” She grabs her purse.

Chase and I look at each other, confused. Before I can say anything, Charlotte is at the door. Xander is blocking her, and they are arguing. 

“Stop. That wasn’t what you thought,” Xander says.

“You were kissing…her,” Charlotte snarls. “Move.”

Xander was kissing another woman?

“I wasn’t kissing her,” Xander insists.

“Get out of my way,” Charlotte yells as more tears stream down her face. 

Xander tries to put his arms around her, and she pushes him back and goes into the hall.

I take off after her and slide my arm around her. “Leave her alone, Xander.”

He waves me off. “Stay out of this.”

I step into the elevator with Charlotte.

“You don’t know what just happened,” he claims.

I pull her face into my shoulder then push the button. 

Xander steps into the elevator. 

“Get out, Xander,” I yell.

“No. You have this all wrong.”

The bouncer puts his arm against the door. “Sir, you need to step out.”

Xander tries to put his arm on Charlotte, but I smack it. “Don’t touch her.”

“You have this wrong,” he sternly says again.

“Sir, you need to step out now, or we will remove you,” the guard says. 

He closes his eyes then leaves the elevator. “Charlotte!”

I glare at him as the doors shut.

Steering Charlotte through the club, I turn in our tickets to the coat girl, and once we have our jackets, we go outside and quickly hail a cab. On the way to Charlotte’s, I pull her into my chest and let her cry on me while I guiltily think of Chase and what I almost allowed to happen. 

I’m even more screwed than before. What I fought against for so long, I’ve now had a taste of, and it’s better than I could have ever imagined.

Find out what happens next in My Friend the Billionaire

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ " Can a player return to his roots and prove to Vivian that he’s worthy of her love? Their story is emotional and their story is intertwined with their friends' lives as well."-Reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "You won’t be able to stop reading, and may we all learn from her story!"-Reviewer

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