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My Boss the Billionaire (Audiobook)

My Boss the Billionaire (Audiobook)

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My Boss the Billionaire

A one night stand with my infuriatingly gorgeous, arrogant boss… Worst idea ever.

He insisted there wouldn’t be consequences.

He broke his promise.

So I’m trying to avoid him at all costs.

It doesn’t help that his face would make angels lose their virtue and he has a body made for sin ...

The chemistry between us is undeniable. I couldn’t resist him if I tried

He’s going to be the rung on my career ladder that breaks… and I’m almost to the top, so an office scandal is the last thing I need.

Plus, Noah's got secrets. But so do I. And I'm smart enough to keep my secrets and heart out of the mix ...

At least I thought I was…

My Boss the Billionaire-Prologue

Lava. It ignites in my toes and slowly oozes its way up my body. 




He hasn’t touched me, but I can feel him. Stalking. Obsessing. Preparing.

Click goes the lock, and the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. The earthy, clean scent of him flares in my nostrils, and my stomach flips with anticipation.

Paralyzed on the outside, I don’t move. This can’t happen again. Tell him to go away. Remind him it’s over.

Indecent thoughts, my racing heartbeat, and my throbbing insides consume me as my breath becomes more shallow.

Like a feral animal, he creeps toward me, and the click of the heel of his shoes hit the wooden floor as I sit completely still with little pulses of desire bursting against my skin.

One finger traces my spine down from the top of my blouse, over my bra, and to the band of my skirt. 

Gulping, I close my eyes as my pulse increases, fighting my thirst for him against my rational, in a tug-of-war with myself. 

Don’t do it.

Do it.

Remind him it can never be.

Just one more time.

Warm breath flows on my skin as his lips brush against the curve of my neck. Hands roughly grab my hips as my chair rolls away from the desk and into his body.

Lava bubbles hotter in my veins, as his lips and tongue tease my ear. 

Nibbling me.

Licking me.

Sucking me. 

My eyes are still closed as I swallow hard, inhale sharply, and try to figure out how to stop him. As if reading my thoughts, he growls, “Tell me you want me to leave, and I’ll leave.”

Tell him. It’s what’s best. 

Words won’t flow out of my mouth, as his lips trace my jawline, and his hands skim the sides of my skirt and move to the insides of my thighs.

A loud moan escapes, and my body betrays my mind and begins to win the war, as he whispers against my cheek, “No one will be in the building for hours.”

Thumbs circle my inner thighs, creeping up toward my heat that’s turning damper with every stroke. My body shudders from his touch. He gently laughs in my ear before inching his hands up and gliding his fingers into the side of my wet panties. 

In one final attempt, my logic tries to drag me back. It can never be with him. Tell him no.

But you want him. 

His two fingers, one from each hand, slide in me and curl different ways, and I whimper against him. Stubble from his jaw scrapes against my chin. In a clear, emotionless voice, he demands, “Tell me to go. Tell me you don’t want me.” 

And I try. I try the best I can to tell him to go, but I can’t get the words out. At that moment, I hate myself more than I’ve ever hated him. 

He flicks his thumb against me and I spiral, trembling against him as he whispers, “Tonight, you’re mine.”

Lust wins. He’ll once again claim me and destroy me, in just this one night.

  • Length: 7 hrs and 36 mins
  • Narrated by: Aaron Shedlock & Stella Hunter

"She is my heaven, at times my hell, and has possession over my heart and soul."


I’m exhausted, and my mind is running a million miles a minute about the pros and cons of Noah.

The biggest con is blinking at me like a neon sign. He is your boss. Your job is too important for you to mess with. Friends, work, that is your life. Stop playing Russian roulette with it.

I wake up around three and pick up my phone. 

Noah texted me. “Why did you leave?”

My heart thumps. I don’t know how to answer his message, so I ignore it and hope he will just leave it. 

It’s been an hour, and I get another text. 

“Xander and I are going out. Do you and your friends want to come?”

Yes, I want to see him, but I know if I do, I will break down, and my career will surely be destroyed. I will have to give in, and I’ll become known as the girl who slept her way to the top. So I don’t reply.

After twenty minutes pass, he texts, “Are you back to ignoring me?”

“I told you not to text me. Email is how you can communicate with me.”

“You really want me to put this through email?”

I bite on my lip. “No. So stop texting me. I have a life and plans.”

“Hot date?”

Before I can think, I write, “Yes.” I instantly regret it as the phone goes quiet. For the remainder of the weekend, I don’t hear from Noah, and while I told him not to text me, I’m secretly disappointed.

Find out what happens next in My Boss the Billionaire

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Great read, these two are smoking hot, I loved the banter between them and the cast of characters that show us who they really are."-Reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Another hit from Maggie Cole! From the very beginning the book sucks you in and you just can’t wait to finish!"-Reviewer

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