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Haze of Obedience (Ebook)

Haze of Obedience (Ebook)

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Haze of Obedience

She’s Mesmerized Me For Decades From Afar…

My mission is to rescue the Zoe Diego, a famous Latina pop star who went missing fourteen months ago. 

I already know about her. 

She’s my favorite entertainer and her voice has hypnotized me since my early twenties. 

I underrated her beauty from afar. 

Stunning doesn’t come close. 

But she’s sassy. I give it back to her as good as she gives it to me. 

And the angst between us only creates a deeper craving to make her mine. 

The Global Leaders have forced themselves upon her, stealing her choices, and making her their slave in more ways than one. 

They will do anything to get her back. 

So I’ll risk everything I’ve worked for and my life, to navigate the jungle and save her.

Haze of Obedience-Prologue

Dirk Zamora

Slavery requires the highest form of obedience. Anything your master demands, you comply to without hesitation or question, or there are consequences to bear.

The mere threat of those ramifications can be enough to sway you to obey. But often, submission is created by the hardest lessons learned. And they leave scars and break you, piece by piece, until you don't think there is any fight left in you. Mix in addiction, corruption, and greed, and you have a potent wheel of toxic power so strong that the average person wouldn't have a chance to survive it, much less escape it.

But my girl isn't average. They didn't snap her into pieces the way they thought. She won't live the rest of her days as the compliant workhorse they planned for her to be.

There are one hundred events scheduled for her to perform in one hundred days, including embassy parties in Mexico, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala, and Belize.

The boiling of my blood only gets hotter each night that passes, and she's not in my arms. I know what will happen every night she leaves the stage. Vengeance I've never felt before swirls in my veins, fighting the patience I've acquired over the years.

The hunter in me knows how to scout, stalk, and trap my prey. And the sniper knows how to assess each situation then calmly wait to annihilate my enemy. But the killer in me reacts fast and without hesitation. That is the beast who’s dying to rip every man who has ever touched her shred by shred. It's the demon I need to control. One wrong move on my part and she's dead.

Sometimes, I hear her voice in my dreams and see her singing on stage or sobbing into a pillow. It's those visions that tear at my heart and test my restraint.

Her reality is a mirage to the world, which only sees the fame she's acquired. No one on the outside would ever question her freedom or call her a slave.

The Global Leaders have stolen her rights and claimed her as theirs. They believe they own her. Now, they have a bigger problem and aren’t even aware of it—they underestimated me.

They may have captured my little diva and thought they eliminated me, but I'm coming for her.

That means I'm coming after them.

One thing you should never mess with is a man's woman. And especially a country boy's.

Zoe Diego. The Zoe Diego.

Her music fills my playlist. I've been to at least a dozen of her concerts over the last twenty years. And not just since she became uber-famous in Latin America.

In my early twenties, I discovered her. One of my favorite Latin bands was playing in Mexico, just south of my parent's place in Texas. I was home on a break from the Marines and my brother scored some tickets. She wasn't the headline, but when she came on stage, the atmosphere became electric. When she finished her set, it made the band I came to watch seem like amateurs.

After that, I listened to anything I could of hers. Every new album that came out, I bought as soon as I could get my hands on it.

Her voice has been with me in every country, war zone, and mission I've ever been a part of.

Over the years, as technology made things easier, I followed her on her social media accounts and watched her interviews.

It's how I know she is bi-lingual and speaks English and why I didn't talk to her in Spanish at first. She's so fluid in both languages it never crossed my mind when I chose to speak English.

She's always been the sexiest woman I ever laid eyes on. And she's smart too. But when she climbed out of the pit in a sequin gold dress and stilettos, it threw me for a curveball. My adrenaline, which was already racing like it always does on missions, spiked even higher.

She's the only woman on Earth who could wear that in the jungle and not look ridiculous.

Over the years, I've seen Zoe in every hairstyle imaginable. Since she's been in captivity for the last fourteen months, her hair has grown out, and her natural chocolate brown color frames her face. The rest of her hair has blonde streaked through it. Any other woman would look unmade, but not Zoe. Every bit of her sparkles and shines, and it isn't because of the sequins she's wearing.

When Spanish rolled out of her pouty lips, her brown eyes had a fire in them. I thought, if she wants to play this game, then I'll play. And I shouldn't have. It was devious, and now she probably trusts me even less.

And I'm completely screwed.

Find out what happens next in Haze of Obedience.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Haze of Obedience has actually been my favorite of the series so far.  It had a really quick pace and the attraction between Dirk and Zoe was palpable.  It’s an insta-love story like the others and the smexy times won’t let you down."-Reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "This story is the perfect mix of a love story and thriller, once you pick this book up you won't want to put it down till you've finished."-Reviewer


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