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Forgotten by the Billionaire (Paperback)

Forgotten by the Billionaire (Paperback)

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Forgotten by the Billionaire

Dr. Xander Kane. Sexy. Charming. Wealthy… the stuff all girl's dreams are made of. Until an accident destroyed his memory of me.

Our sizzling connection wouldn’t have lasted.

That’s a lie.

He doesn’t remember me, the last 12 years, or that I was next to him during the accident.

He obsessively searches for his ex from over a decade ago.

I’m trying to get over him… Until he becomes the newest surgeon on staff.

Our chemistry’s still explosive. The accident didn’t steal one ounce of it.

Everytime he claims he still doesn’t remember me and only her, it destroys me further.

I try to escape him.

He keeps pulling me back to him.

And his past is going to derail our future…

Forgotten by the Billionaire-Prologue

Dr. Xander Kane

Reality isn’t always what we perceive it to be. What’s real? What’s fake? Is our truth of yesterday the truth of today?

I’ve been told I’m living in a fantasy, trying to regurgitate the past instead of moving into my future, but all I know as my truth is what my mind is telling me my heart should feel and what it should want.

I don’t remember anyone except Billie. Well, except for the flashbacks. Night after night, I go to sleep, and I experience all of her except her face. She is a stranger.

Guilt crashes through me, as I should only be dreaming of Billie. She is the one I remember, not this faceless stranger. She is the one I love. 

Or is she?

My friends tell me I don’t love Billie. That we ended things long ago and weren’t meant to be together. But how do I know that when it’s all I remember?

How are my friends telling me the truth when all I feel is madly in love with Billie?

I search everywhere for her, but I can’t find her. I spend my days searching social media, googling her name, walking streets in New York we used to stroll together. But she’s nowhere. 

The guys tell me I broke it off with Billie, and we were both better off because of it. But no one can tell me why I broke it off. No one can give me details. So, until I can find her, my heart belongs to her. It aches for her because all I remember is our love.

All day long, I’m obsessed. When my head hits the pillow, I dream. But it’s never about Billie. 

I hear the moan of a woman’s voice against the curve of my neck. “Xander.” A sound so unforgettable, I push it to the back of my mind throughout the day, as guilt shoots through me, and I try to refocus on my love for Billie.

I smell her scent—flowers after it rained. 

I feel her gripping my back and trembling against me as our bodies sweat.

I see the perfect fit of her body wrapped against mine, clutching me.

I taste the salt of her skin and the sweetness of her tongue.

Blonde hair, the curve of her neck, the softness of her breasts, the plumpness of her red all flashes in my mind, torturing me.

She’s so real in my dreams. Every night I go to sleep, I experience her. Everything I could ever know about her, except for her face and her name. 

Daily, I tell myself it’s just a dream. It’s my brain playing games with me because it’s still screwed up from the accident. 

She isn’t real.

She doesn’t exist. 

Or does she?

The thought sends my stomach flipping because that means I wasn’t loyal to Billie. No matter what my friends tell me, I know what I had with Billie. I don’t understand how it could have ended. 

No. Surely they are wrong. It’s a misunderstanding, and once I find Billie, whatever misunderstanding we had, we will work out. 

Obsession takes hold of me. I can’t move on until I find Billie. But she’s nowhere.

Over the months, my memory slowly returns, except regarding Billie. I have no memories of dating or thinking about anyone except her. Everything else is clear—my medical school, my job, how to be a surgeon. But I have no memories of anyone in my life besides Billie. 

But Billie didn’t have blonde hair. She didn’t smell like flowers after the rain or call out my name like the woman in my dreams. 

I can’t make sense of it all. If I can just find Billie, I can fix whatever went wrong between us. Then, this other woman will leave my dreams. 

Or will she? 

My phone rings, pushing my thoughts out of my head. “Hello, this is Xander.”

“Xander, it’s Angela Sincroy.”

I sit up straighter. “Hi, Angela. How are you?”

“I’m good. You feeling better?”


“Great. We got the report from your doctor that you are fine to resume your normal surgical duties. We will need you to report to the hospital by Monday, or we will need to find another surgeon for the position.”

“I’ll be there.”

“Great. See you next week.” I hang up.

Life needs to resume. I can’t stay home any longer and need to get back into a routine. My new role as a surgeon in Chicago is what I’ve worked hard for, and I’m not going to screw up my future.

Wandering over to the window, I glance out into the New York skyline. I’ll pack up and move my life, but I won’t stop the search. Until I find Billie, my heart won’t be complete.

She seems familiar. Something about her seems familiar.

I’m watching her interact with the other surgeons when Dr. Croy says her name. 


But it can’t be. I know Piper and her friends are from Chicago, but surely it’s not her? 

When I woke in the hospital, Noah told me Billie wasn’t in the accident with me. He said a girl named Charlotte, who was Piper’s friend, was in the car and that we had spent the night together a few times. 

She came to see me in the hospital after I had been awake a few days, but I was on a lot of medication, and it was foggy. 

The encounter is still a blur because I don’t remember much about it. And I don’t remember the face of the woman named Charlotte who came to see me.

I can’t see this woman’s face, but the way she tries to avoid looking at me gives me the impression she knows me. My gut is telling me I’ve hurt her. 

Throughout the surgery, I instruct myself to stay focused, not to try to figure out who she is or what our relationship could have been. Besides, I could be misjudging everything. 

At one point, I could trust my brain, but since the accident, so much of my life is unclear, I don’t have the same faith in it I used to. 

But then she stands right near me, and I know our pasts are somehow connected. She smells like flowers after the rain.

As soon as the surgery is through, she excuses herself and bolts out of the operating room. I try not to run after her so I don’t cause a scene. 

I scan the locker room when I walk through the door. No one is there except Charlotte. She’s trying to get her locker open, and her hand is shaking. 

“Charlotte,” I say, and she pauses then rips off her surgical cap, revealing her blonde hair. My heart stops.

She turns, gripping her cap tight and blinking back tears in her blue eyes. Her plump red lips are slightly shaking. My heart swells, and I don’t understand it, because I don’t remember her, but I know it’s her. It’s the woman who’s been haunting my dreams.

Find out what happens next in Forgotten by the Billionaire


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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I devoured this book!!!! Maggie Cole does it again and honestly the books just keep getting better and better!"-Reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Maggie Cole always casts the best narrators to bring her characters and story to life. Stephanie Nemeth Parker and Zachary Johnson did an exceptional job portraying these characters, humanizing them with emotions and giving them voices that fit their characters persona with perfection."-Reviewer


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