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Seeds of Malice (Paperback)

Seeds of Malice (Paperback)

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From International bestselling author Maggie Cole comes a new deliciously warped dark romance about a villain and his unsuspecting pawn.

I’m a pawn in a twisted game I never agreed to partake in.

There’s no getting out.

Dax Carrington decides all the moves.

He’s always two-steps ahead of me.

An animal disguised in warm, privileged, snakeskin, he’ll sink his teeth into every inch of my soul until he owns all of it… all of me.

When I’m at my lowest, he’ll blindside me, pulling me back into his arms, continuing to win the match that I don’t know how to play and just want to escape.

The only problem?

In Dax’s world, the plot ends once he’s the last one standing and there’s nothing left but dust—including me.

Seeds of Malice-Prologue

Dax Carrington

A thick haze of smoke hangs the air. Red embers burn brighter at the end of the joint as Bobby inhales. He holds the smoke deep in his lungs, then releases it, moaning, "I'm not ready to go back."

"Stop whining," I mutter as I grab the joint, then take a hit of my own.

"Since when do you love school?" He smirks.

I point out, "This is our last year, and we're fucking done. We can join the real world then."

He grunts. "I don't know why you're in such a rush to graduate. We have the rest of our lives to fucking work."

He has a point. Taking over the family floral business isn't exactly my dream life. But I'll be damned if I let my little brother take over. He'll do what he always does, which is put in little to no effort and come up smelling like roses. My mother will gush for the rest of my life about how talented he is while giving me a knowing look of disapproval. So I just agree with Bobby. "School sucks. Shut up so we can enjoy the last few weeks."

"Still don't know why you won't take a year abroad with me," he adds.

I ignore him and glance out the window of the cottage. I claimed it several years back so I wouldn't have to live in the main house any longer.

Fully bloomed flowers in every color dance across the lush lawn. Greenhouses etch the premises full of more foliage. Several workers focus on different areas of the estate.

A loud knock tears me out of my trance.

Bobby arches his eyebrows. "You expecting somebody?"

Am I?

I rack my brain. There are always people stopping over. I don't remember inviting anyone, but that doesn't mean much.

Bobby rises and flings the door open.

Cindy stumbles inside with Marcey in tow.

Not now.

It's the same as always. Both girls have eyes wild with booze, drugs, and the longing expression to get naughty. Their matching bleached designer hairstyles and expensive outfits suddenly look ridiculous.

Same shit, different day.

The summer's haze of partying hasn't changed one bit from the weeknights and weekends of the last three years. The girls' trashed demeanors used to excite me. It meant anything goes and they were all too willing to do whatever Bobby and I wanted. Now, the novelty has worn off. It's boring the fuck out of me.

Bobby grabs Marcey by the back of the neck and pushes her against the wall. She shrieks as he holds her cheek firmly to the crimson wallpaper. He asks, "Looking for some fun?"

Her lips twitch, and her gaze locks on his, begging him to do what I've seen too many times before.

"So predictable," I mutter.

Cindy saunters over to me in a drunken wobble. "Dax, where have you been hiding?"

I stay quiet.

She bends over, takes her finger, and touches my nose. "There you are." 

I jerk my head back. "What do you want, Cindy?"

She giggles and drops to her knees in front of my armchair. She slides her hand up my thigh, past the cuff of my shorts, and teases my balls with her perfectly manicured nails.

It used to get me going, but like I said, I'm bored. She's making it too easy. There's nothing exciting about her anymore.

I need a new plaything.

"Dax," she slurs, batting her eyes.

I take another hit and then hold the joint to her lips.

She inhales, then coughs, her eyes watering until her mascara smears black under her lids.

I study her, wishing I could feel what I once did when I looked at her, but I can't. She's washed up and overused, just like my toys when I was five.

She cups my cock and smirks. "Time to play, Dax."

My flaccid dick doesn't respond.

She squeezes it, and her grin widens. "Dax..."

It doesn't take much for me to lose my interest, and if I'm being honest, she went off my radar months ago. I question why I even let her step foot on my property.

"Baaaaby," she slurs.

I grab her hand and pull it out of my shorts. I move it away from my body, claiming, "Not interested."

She purrs, "Oh, sure you are."

"I'm not," I insist.

She bats her eyes, moves her hand back to my cock, and puts her hot pink lips closer while holding my stare and pouting. "I was going to do that thing you love."

"Don't be a fool, Dax. Let her give it to you," Bobby calls out, then drops Marcey's skirt, revealing her yellow thong and boney ass cheek. 

I reach over and turn the music up. I'm tired of hearing Bobby fuck Marcey against my wall. The girl shrieks. I don't know how he can fuck her with that loud sound. It's the most annoying noise I've ever heard.

Cindy's wet tongue slides against my cock. I turn my attention back to her. She takes several licks and then coos, "What's wrong, baby? Something going on you want to talk about?"

As if I want to talk to her about anything. She's got a brain the size of an ant.

"We can talk," she offers.

Annoyed and wanting her to stop talking, I palm her head, push it to my cock, and demand, "Do your job and shut up."

She giggles, then sputters as I force my entire cock into her mouth. It's still not hard, but I'm big either way.

"Take it like I taught you," I seethe, pissed off she's here and that I'm not even able to get it up when her wet mouth's where it should be.

She chokes again, then recovers, working my cock like a pro, but I can't seem to get erect.

Several moments pass. More anger replaces my boredom. My cock's barely hard. I miss my days of a raging hard-on, and wonder if I'm aging faster than my twenty-one years. It's not right that a woman sucks on a man and it's not hard as shit, no matter who it is.

Fuck, I've got to get out of my head.

I'm bored and fucked-up.

Is that what this is?

Maybe I do have a problem.

Should I steal the old man's pills again?

I shouldn't need that shit. I'm twenty-one, for crying out loud.

This isn't helping.

Cindy tries to stop, but I hold her down, repeating, "Do your fucking job."

She grips my thighs with her fake nails, and the pain is somehow welcoming.

I glance across the room. Bobby's going full at it with Marcey, pounding her against the wall but holding his palm over her mouth to muffle her shrieks.

At least he remembered my warning about keeping her quiet in my place.

I turn the radio up higher and glance out the window.

Who the fuck is that?

My heart pounds faster. A young woman with dark hair and stunning blue eyes stands beside an older man. She's younger than me, maybe just a year or so, but Jesus, she looks innocent.

My erection wakes up.

Cindy purrs, "There you go, baby."

I grip her head tighter, imagining it's the new girl sucking my cock.

Our head groundsman, Benny, motions at her and the man I assume is her father, to go into a greenhouse.

I can barely make out her silhouette, covered in her cut-off jean shorts, tight tank top, and tits that are there but nothing like the girls I'm used to messing around with. There's nothing fake on this girl. No, hers are real. Maybe a C cup.

When's the last time I fucked somebody with a C cup?

Never. I don't think I've ever fucked anyone with tits that small.

D, double D, that's what the girls around me usually have. I only fuck rich girls who started getting plastic surgery by the time they turned fourteen.

"Yeah, I've definitely never fucked anyone with C cups," I mutter, for some reason, growing harder at the thought.

"What?" Cindy asks.

I barely hear her and push her back down.

The girl steps outside the greenhouse by herself and looks around. She crosses her arms, and a worried expression appears on her face. She purses her lips.

Blood rushes to my dick, making it even harder. I move Cindy's head faster over me.

The mystery girl's old man steps outside, and they exchange words with Benny, then stroll toward my place.

I can't take my gaze off her. She's beautiful but doesn't look like the girls I normally associate with.

She's real.

Suddenly, my cock's harder than it's ever been. I'm no longer bored.

A wave of heat fills me to the point I'm about to break out in a sweat, and I violently come in Cindy's mouth. I ignore her gags, making her swallow everything that doesn't seep out of her mouth. When I finish, I push her off my cock.

She falls to the ground, coughing and protesting. "Dax! What the fuck!"

I rise and go to the window.

I don't know who this girl is or why she's here, but it has something to do with my family's estate. My guess is this won't be the last time I see her.

Benny leads her and her father toward the golf cart, and she disappears.

My life suddenly seems full of hope. I'm going to make it my mission to run into this girl.

My boredom's over.

I have a new project.


Ivy's lips part. Her breathing turns shallow. She stares at me like she can't believe I told her I want her.

She's playing right into my hands and doesn't even know it.

My sister and Bobby didn't disappoint me. I knew it would be an interesting encounter, and they lived up to their true selves. In the process, it drove Ivy right into my arms.

"Did I say something wrong?" I ask, tucking a lock of her dark hair behind her ear.

She slowly licks her lips, and I force myself not to kiss her again. The girl definitely kisses better than I anticipated. I assumed I'd have to train her, but her mouth molded to mine like it was meant to be.

It was hard to pull away from her, but if I don't play my cards right, I'll screw this up.

There's no way in hell I'm messing up my new pet project.

"Well?" I push.

She shakes her head. "No."

I wiggle my eyebrows. "So you want me too, then?"

She softly laughs.

"Admit it," I goad, taking a small nibble on her ear.

She turns her head so our gazes lock and whispers, "Okay."

I freeze. "Okay, what?"

A vine of heat crawls across her cheeks. I stroke my finger over it. Her lips curve, and she admits, "Okay, I want you too."

Find out what happens next in Seeds of Malice

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★★★★★  “A chaotic self-destructive beginning to a romance that is going to go up in flames! Filled with lies, manipulation, degradation, and soon...obsession.” -The Dragon Den Book Blog

★★★★★This book absolutely hooked me for every messed up, spicy page. Every chapter felt “wrong.” And I couldn’t (literally could 👏 not 👏) put it down.” -Caldreads


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